The Man Repeller Opens Her Closet (PHOTOS)

08/16/2011 05:01 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Hear, hear for parents who think for themselves and encourage their kids to do the same. Leandra’s mom comes from a tight-knit Persian community that doesn’t marry out, yet she did anyway to Leandra’s father, who’s Turkish. It isn’t easy to come from a culture of arranged marriages and break away, just as it isn’t easy in this culture to not dress for men like Leandra does, in a time when images of Kim Kardashian’s insipid, skin-revealing minidresses are pervasive. Leandra says jokingly that her mom was the model man repeller, especially in her suede multicolored pants, but that she ultimately failed because she’s married. When choosing between a man and her love for turbans and wearing 85 layers at a time, Leandra is going to chose her sartorial passions. On the upside, she will find the right guy, probably one like her dad, who is the reason behind Leandra’s bow tie fetish and bright colored clothes. Women, Leandra points out, would not be repelled, but would more likely appreciate an expressively well-dressed man.

Ruining the flirtiness of a chiffon pleated skirt with studded Converses and a tuxedo jacket, complementing a “man-getter” evening gown with an army jacket and a fur vest or wearing body-revealing red skinny jeans with a leather shirt over a button-down shirt, under a chambray shirt(!) are among Leandra’s tricks for repelling that guy that objectifies women: “My blog is a process of elimination. It helps you weed out the bad ones.” Leandra comes from “a rare breed” of authentic dressers, including her Turkish grandmother, whose closet is Leandra’s favorite vintage shop. Two of her favorite heirlooms from her grandmother are an ostrich skin Hermes clutch and green vintage Chanel bag that Leandra will be passing down to her own children and will not be wearing with a plain t-shirt dress, at least not without her brother’s cardigan or maybe her most prized mustache necklace, which she wears on her face.

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