08/19/2011 12:52 pm ET | Updated Oct 19, 2011

Anne Hathaway's First TV Commercial (VIDEO)

Anne Hathaway loves to talk about how she's a giant musical theater/drama nerd and those roots definitely shine though -- especially in some of her earliest work.

The actress, who stars in the romantic tearjerker, "One Day" with Jim Sturgess, has been getting dramatic and bawling over lost boyfriends since she was 14, at least on camera anyways.

Movieline uncovered Hathaway's first commercial which seems to have been posted by someone involved with the heartbreaking TV spot (possibly her on-camera boyfriend!) and Hathaway doesn't hold back on the tears or the dramatics.

According to the video's YouTube description, the commercial for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate was shot "in 1997 and according to [Hathaway's] mom on the set, it was the first time she was ever in front of a camera."

How does Hathaway's first commercial compare to the paparazzi rap she performed on Conan earlier this week?