Graham Bunn: The Secret To 'Bachelor Pad' Success Is Booze

08/19/2011 01:34 pm ET | Updated Oct 19, 2011

There's nothing like going through all of the awkward phases of a burgeoning relationship on camera for the viewing pleasure of millions. But "Bachelor" execs have found one very effective way to loosen the love-seeking contestants up: booze. And the liquid heavy diet is more apparent than ever on the current season of "The Bachelor Pad," on which former "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" fan favorites, including Graham Bunn, come back for a chance to win $250,000 -- and find love.

"There is tons of liquor and not a lot of food so it’s a recipe for success there,” season four "Bachelorette" suitor and current "Bachelor Pad" contestant, Bunn tells me. ”They shoot it over a six to eight week period, depending on how far you go ... And you are secluded and only there with your feelings. There’s no cell phones, no magazines, no media, TV ... With today’s economy, the only thing that I was willing to not do on TV was kill someone”

Although we don't yet know how far Bunn will make it on "Bachelor Pad" we do know how things ended for him with "Bachelorette" DeAnna -- Graham became infamous for not reciprocating DeAnna's advances.

“I knew that she shouldn’t be with me. I just wasn’t for her. For what she was wanting, I just wasn’t at the same stage in my life where I could give that to her," Bunn tells me of his final four elimination. “She wanted to get married and I wasn’t there with her yet. I was willing to date her and try to mesh our lives. We lived in different cities and it worked, but at that point in her life, she was really hell-bent on getting engaged.”

Although Bunn decided she wasn't the one, DeAnna did have a few other suitors who who were hoping to be the last ones standing.

“I don’t know who she had sex with," he divulged. "But I do know that she is getting married soon to a very great man so I am very happy for her; I think he’s the man. I did my best to not be mean or be a douche."

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