Chanel Relaunches No. 19 Fragrance: In Stock

08/19/2011 06:57 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Photo: Bobby Doherty

We just took a look back at Coco Chanel's iconic style, and now we've gotten an up-close glimpse at the new iteration of Chanel No. 19 -- the final fragrance created under the designer's helm. (Number 19 represents Chanel's birth date -- today, August 19th.) The original scent, a mix of floral, wood and grassy notes, has been updated to feel fresher, more modern: Though it starts out super green, it soon warms into something sweet (though not overly so) and slightly musky with a powdery finish. The result is soft and subtle, but still classically Chanel.

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