08/19/2011 06:04 pm ET | Updated Oct 19, 2011

'Chelsea Settles' Features MTV's First Plus-Size Star (VIDEO)

Meet a new kind of MTV heroine.

That's the tagline of MTV's newest show, "Chelsea Settles," a reality series starring a pretty 23-year-old girl dreaming of moving to Los Angeles and making it in fashion. Oh yeah, and she weighs 324 pounds.

The engaging trailer posted on depicts Settles as an upbeat, determined and sweet girl who loves Kim Kardashian and whose weight has become an obstacle to achieving her dreams (to use some MTV-like language).

One of the most intriguing parts? When Chelsea applies for a fashion job and is harshly warned by her boss, "We're in an image business... the fashion industry is very weight-conscious."

It will be interesting to see how the uplifting, life-transformation story plays out against the tough, uncompromising standards of the fashion industry. She wasn't kidding when she said the industry is weight-conscious.

Check out the trailer for "Chelsea Settles" below. We have a feeling we'll be tuning in for the 11:00 pm premiere on October 11.


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