08/19/2011 03:15 pm ET | Updated Oct 19, 2011

Facebook: 'The Big Lebowski' Now Available To Watch Via Social Theater App (PICTURES)

"The dude abides."

Cult classic comedy "The Big Lebowski" is now available to watch on Facebook, according to an announcement on the movie's Facebook fan page.

Dubbed the number-one " most quotable movie" by, "The Big Lebowski" (Universal Pictures), starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman, is the latest film to be added to Facebook's growing movie rental platform, which launched in March.

Here's how to get "The Big Lebowski" on Facebook:

You can rent the film from its fan page on Facebook's Social Theater app (here). The movie is available only to U.S. users, and it costs 30 Facebook credits ($3.00) to rent for a 48-hour period. If you don't already have any Facebook credits, you can purchase them via the Payments tab on your Facebook account. Note, however, that you must buy a minimum of 50 credits ($5.00 ) at a time. After completing the transaction, users can then reward up to five friends with a $1.00 discount on their rental.

Once you've got the movie up and running, you and other viewers can "Like" memorable quotes, scenes and characters and post comments throughout the flick. Underneath the video controls, you'll find a ticker that displays the real-time comment log, which scrolls horizontally as the movie plays.

Some quotes currently being favorited by Facebook users: "This is not nam, this is bowling... there are rules;" "Forget it, Donny, you're out of your element!"

Facebook's embedded video player, featuring "The Big Lebowski":

Last month, the social network added the "Jackass" series via a partnership with Paramount Pictures, Mashable reports. Meanwhile, Warner Brothers periodically adds its film titles to Facebook's platform, as well.

On Thursday, the cast and crew of The Big Lebowski gathered in New York to celebrate the movie's debut release on Blu-ray. The release of the film on Facebook coincides with the Blu-ray release.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the film was made available by Universal and Facebook commerce provider Milyoni. Writes the Journal:

According to Milyoni Founder and Chief Executive John Corpus, the company is drastically increasing its number of Facebook film rentals in the upcoming months. In the next 45 days alone, the company will add 20 to 30 new films to its “social theater,” including titles from Lionsgate and anime company FUNimation. Dean Alms, Milyoni’s vice president of marketing and business development, adds that the company is also in talks to start making certain television programs available to rent.

If the Social Theater doesn't work for you (remember, it's stil in beta), chill out, man. You can always dig this classic scene (below).