08/19/2011 12:30 pm ET | Updated Oct 19, 2011

Breakfast Gutbuster: Hardee's Fried Bologna Biscuit (VIDEO)

Available for a limited time, the Hardee's fried bologna biscuit packs quite a morning wake-up punch: a buttered biscuit with a fried egg omelette, a slice of cheese and a slice of fried Oscar Mayer bologna. It has 610 calories (390 from fat), 43 grams of fat, 230 milligrams of cholesterol and 1620 milligrams of sodium.

Although the fast food chain was originally skeptical about the nationwide appeal of fried bologna, the biscuits "received one of the highest consumer research scores the company has ever seen in a market test."

The fried bologna biscuit was last offered in 2009.

Watch the ad campaign below.