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Jessica Chastain: My Grandma Wants Me To Show More Skin (VIDEO)

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Get used to seeing Jessica Chastain. The actress is making headlines playing a ditzy housewife in "The Help," and has a total of seven films scheduled for 2011 release -- two of which -- "The Debt" and "Texas Killing Fields" are being released in the next two months.

The 30-year-old Julliard-trained actress chatted with Conan O'Brien last night about her new film "The Debt" due out August 31.

Chastain, who recently boasted about her amazing curves in "The Help", told O'Brien that she hasn't been as busy as she might seem. She's made 11 movies in four years and it's only now that some of them are being released.

"The Debt" was made two years ago, and my first film I made four years ago with Al Pacino. And my poor mother. I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m in a movie with Al Pacino. I’m in a movie with Helen Mirren‘ and she tells all her friends and they don’t come out for a long time,” she explained.

She joked with Conan that her friends and family must think she's "a total liar."

“My mom called me up finally. She was like, ‘What are you doing in L.A. cause it’s not acting!’” she added.

Chastain also shared some more interesting info about her family. Lets just say Chastain's Grandma, once nicknamed "Motorcycle Mama," isn't your typical grandparent.

The actress reminisced to Conan about the time her Grandma got her in trouble for smoking inside the Julliard dorms where she studied acting, and says Grandma, has told her she needs to be more sexual and "she wants me to show like skin skin skin skin," she told Conan.


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