08/19/2011 09:22 am ET | Updated Oct 19, 2011

Louis C.K. Is Surprised Murder Doesn't Happen More Often (VIDEO)

On Thursday, Louis C.K. paid a visit to his old friend Conan O'Brien, who gave him C.K. his first writing job in television in 1993. As with all of C.K.'s talk show appearances, the star and creator of "Louie" was on-point and hilarious, and his comedy was more than a little dark.

This time, C.K. questioned why people don't murder other people more often, and that he's actually surprised when people have the opportunity to murder and don't do it. "How are there not 50 murders every day at Disneyland?" he quipped to Conan.

If C.K. seemed a little more relaxed than usual, he has quite a bit to be happy about right now. "Louie" got renewed for a third season earlier this month, and the critical reviews of its second season have been nothing short of universally fawning.

Here's a clip of the "murder" bit from last night's "Conan." To see the entire uninterrupted 13-minute interview, where C.K. discusses making his dog throw up and child actors, among other topics, click here to go to Team Coco.