08/19/2011 11:30 am ET | Updated Oct 19, 2011

Naperville Students Allegedly Showed Up Drunk For First Day Of School

Many students at Naperville North High School have been suspended after they appeared to be intoxicated during the first day of school Wednesday. Officials at the school, located in a Chicago suburb, are still questioning others about the incident.

The Naperville Sun reports that a number of students were observed "acting in an unusual way" Wednesday morning, which prompted the school to look closer into what was going on.

The school has yet to officially disclose an exact number of students involved in the incident, but ABC 7 reports that school administrators have spoken with at least 20 seniors, along with their parents, as part of their investigation. A school district spokesperson said she suspects the students drank alcohol in an off-campus setting Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, rendering a buzz that lingered into Wednesday's school day.

The district spokesperson added that a Wednesday morning back-to-school tailgate party, which the school sponsors each year, was not a factor in the incident as "there was no alcohol" there, according to the Sun.

Police are not likely to become involved in the investigation, according to the Chicago Tribune, and the school says each student's disciplining decision will be handled separately.

Photo by supafly via Flickr.