08/19/2011 04:00 pm ET | Updated Oct 19, 2011

Novak Djokovic Dresses Up Like Maria Sharapova For Head Commercial Parody (VIDEO)

Call Novak Djokovic a lot of things -- fearless, competitive, champion... just don't call him unladylike.

In his latest act of tomfoolery (he recently jokingly hit a reporter in the groin with the handle of his racquet), the world's best tennis player dressed up like female tennis star Maria Sharapova and imitated a commercial she shot for Head tennis equipment.

There are plenty of highlights in the video, but our personal favorite part occurs at the 1:02 mark when Djokovic lightly strokes his wig while saying, "I mean, it makes me feel beautiful on the court. You know, it makes me feel [like a] woman."

We assume the Shania Twain reference was purely coincidental.

Regardless of how silly the spot is, you have to laud an athlete who is literally at the top of his sport and is still able to make time to have a little fun at his own expense. There's a good chance you aren't going to be seeing Kobe Bryant or Albert Pujols in a wig anytime soon to get a laugh...and maybe that's OK.

Hat tip to Busted Racquet!