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Yorkshire Dialect: The Most Amusing Turns Of Phrases

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The righteous fury Anne Hathaway unleashed when she attempted a Yorkshire accent in "One Day" has us asking the obvious journalistic question -- what would a Yorkshireman have to say about all this?

Based on the Yorkshire phrases we've found, we'd guess that a Tyke (that's Yorkshire for Yorkshire person) would have no problem appreciating Hathaway's attempt, at least for the dark comic value of someone trying so hard and failing anyway. There's a crude poetry to the dialect, and a rough humor. Indeed comedy is so embedded in the language, some meetings of the Yorkshire Dialect Society are conducted exclusively in "programmes of dialect which lean towards the more humorous aspects of life as reflected in local speech."

Take a look at a selection of colorful Yorkshire phrases and their meanings, or croggy on over to the BBC's site for a full glossary.

Yorkshire PhraseDefinition
daft as a brushstupid
arse over tithead over tall
more brass na brainsmore money than sense
chuckin(g) your guts upbeing sick
black as't face o' spadesvery dirty
were ya born in a barn?close the door!
not enough room to swing a catvery small room
not back'ard at comin' for'ardpushy person
pack it instop it
wickalive, lively
'appy as a pig in muckvery happy
chuddychewing gum
croggyriding on the crossbar of a bicycle
shit with sugar onposh food
eeh by gumOMG
spanishlicorice (go here to learn why)
spice sweets (go here for why)

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