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Groggy? 13 Ways To Be More Energetic In The Morning

First Posted: 08/20/11 01:56 AM ET   Updated: 10/19/11 06:12 AM ET

By Karen Asp for iVillage

Mornings rub you the wrong way. You wake up sluggish and groggy and have to chug a pot of coffee before you can function. Good news, though: You don’t have to be a natural early bird to boost your morning energy levels. “How you feel when you get up is affected by much of what you do the day before and when you first get up,” says Michael Finkelstein, M.D., director of SunRaven, a holistic healing and living center in Bedford, N.Y. Click through for 13 simple ways to boost your a.m. energy.

The Night Before: Get Enough Shut-Eye
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A whopping 63 percent of Americans report not getting enough sleep during the week, according to the 2011 Sleep in America poll from the National Sleep Foundation.

While it's generally recommended that adults log seven to nine hours of sleep, not everybody fits this rule, says psychiatrist Tracey I. Marks, M.D., author of "Master Your Sleep."

Some people need more, others less (but no fewer than six hours or you'll become chronically sleep deprived). How do you know the magic number of hours you should snooze? Let your body be your guide. Go to bed when you're sleepy and wake up without an alarm clock.

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