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9/11 Merchandise: Memorial Wine, Knives And Laser Lighters (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 08/23/11 09:47 AM ET   Updated: 10/22/11 06:12 AM ET

Heather Havrilesky noted sardonically after 9/11 that "In America, we grieve by buying stuff. Shopping soothes us, reassures us that we're coping, that we're moving on."

And so it's been for the past decade manufacturers across this great land have put their skills toward "Never Forgetting."

Approaching what appears to be a tasteful and solemn tenth anniversary of that fateful day, here's a sampling of some of our maybe less-than-tasteful efforts over the last ten years to capitalize from memorialize the tragedy.

9/11 Memorial Wine
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Long Island's Lieb Cellars has released a 9/11 Memorial Wine made with grapes grown "just 90 miles North of the World Trade Center". The price? That's right, $19.11. But don't worry. Six to ten percent of proceeds of the wine will be going to the 9/11 Memorial itself.

Anthony Bourdain's not such a fan, saying, "911Wine?!!? Are you out your fucking MIND?!! EPIC FAIL."

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