Accused Killer Kashif Parvaiz Made $2 Million On Controversial Real Estate Deal On Day Wife Was Killed

08/22/2011 04:52 pm ET | Updated Oct 22, 2011

The man accused of killing his New Jersey wife with the aid of his lover also made a reported $2 million in a controversial real estate deal the day his spouse was shot.

Kashif Parvaiz, 26, allegedly charmed his way into an elderly gay man's life and persuaded him to sign over his income from a rental apartment building in Queens, N.Y., according to The New York Post.

Martin Ragusa, 74, handed over his stake in the 114-unit building to Parvaiz in 2009, despite opposition from relatives who said Ragusa was "brainwashed" by his young friend. Last Tuesday -- the day that Parvaiz's wife Nazish Nooran, 27, was shot -- the Queens building was sold, earning $2 million for the husband accused of murder.

Ragusa was extremely close with Parvaiz, describing him as "my son" to The Post. They met 12 years ago when Parvaiz did maintenance work in Ragusa's home, The Post said.

Additional details emerged about the supposed domestic abuse inflicted upon Nooran, the mother of Parvaiz's two children. After an argument between his wife and his mother in Atlanta, Parvaiz allegedly locked his bride in a room with a dog -- despite her well-known fear of canines, The New York Daily News said. Relatives told the Daily News that he beat her too.

New Jersey police say that Parvaiz, a Pakistani-American, orchestrated his wife's murder. Last week, while they went for a walk, she was shot and killed while he suffered minor injuries from four bullets. Initially, Parvaiz fingered three men as the shooters, claiming that the suspects -- a black man, a white man and a man of indeterminate race -- hurled anti-Muslim slurs during the attack.

The cops disproved Parvaiz's alibi and instead concluded that his lover Antoinette Stephen pulled the trigger. Both were charged with murder, conspiracy and weapons crimes. Authorities added child endangerment to Parvaiz's list of alleged crimes.

Stephen, who lived in Boston, sent and received a series of incriminating text messages to Parvaiz prior to the shooting, The Boston Herald said.

With their mother dead and their father locked up, the couple's two sons, aged 2 and 5, are with Parvaiz's family. But Nooran's relatives are gearing up for a custody battle for the boys, The Boston Globe said.


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