08/22/2011 05:27 pm ET | Updated Oct 22, 2011

Fort Collins Crop Duster Flying Too Low?

Forget about pesticides on your food. These residents have good reason to fear it in their homes.

Residents of the Lake Ranch subdivision in Fort Collins have been visited by a crop-duster flying low over neighboring fields, and they're not happy about it.

Videos provided to 9News and KDVR show the small plane flying low and appearing to narrowly miss hitting houses on the edge of the field.

"I worry about my kids and the neighborhood," resident Lee Bradford told KDVR, "I think they endangered their lives and the lives of all of my neighbors."

FAA regulations stipulate aircraft flying near developments must obtain prior written approval from local officials.

WATCH a crop duster fly close to rooftops in Fort Collins:

WATCH a KDVR report on the low-level crop dusting:

flickr photo via Big 3 News