08/22/2011 06:40 pm ET Updated Oct 22, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi Hideout Speculation Continues

Where is Colonel Gaddafi? As government troops and opposition forces in Tripoli enter a third night of fighting, there is still no word on the whereabouts of Libya's former strongman.

On Monday, the Libyan representative in Egypt admitted to reporters that the rebels are uncertain about Gaddafi's location. According to the New York Times, the representative, Abdel Moneim Al-Houni, did say that the rebels believe Gaddafi is hiding in Tripoli.

World leaders, too, are unaware of Gaddafi's location. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon admitted in a press meeting that he was unaware of the Colonel's whereabouts, adding that he had tried to establish contact with Gaddafi but failed. The U.S. state department said it received no news on the former leader's location, although a Pentagon spokesman said the U.S. believes Gaddafi was still in Libya. "We do not have any information that he has left the country," the spokesperson was quoted by the Guardian as saying.

Over the weekend, rumors circulated that the Libyan leader had fled the country. Gaddafi was allegedly located in Venezuela and later in Italy.

South Africa publicly denied claims it had sent an airplane for Gaddafi.“I am amazed at any insinuation of South Africa aiding anyone,” a South African official told the New York Times.

Take a look below at some of Colonel Gaddafi's reported hideouts:

Where Is Gaddafi?