Anne Hathaway Covers Interview Magazine; Star Tells Chelsea Handler She Thinks Some Exes Are Gay

08/23/2011 04:27 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Whether she's talking about her strange dietary habits or her Snooki-love, Anne Hathaway is not afraid of a cheeky comment.

In September's Interview magazine, Hathaway spoke to the irreverent Chelsea Handler (she always seems to get these gems), and revealed some more interesting details about her life.

HANDLER: Well, your brother is gay, right?

HATHAWAY: My older brother is gay.

HANDLER: We talked about that last time you were on the show. I’m convinced that my older brother is gay, too, although he has yet to come out of the closet.

HATHAWAY: He doesn’t admit it?

HANDLER: He doesn’t admit it. I keep telling him he’s gay, but he keeps pretending that he’s not.

HATHAWAY: I’m convinced that a few guys I’ve dated are gay, and they won’t admit it. I think we’ve all done that.

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