Ben Affleck Directing 'Line Of Sight'? Star In Negotiations

08/23/2011 02:44 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

As if announcing that he is going to be a father for the third time wasn't enough, Ben Affleck may have some more big news coming around the bend.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ben Affleck is in discussions to direct "Line of Sight," which the publication says is about "an elite commando squad transporting cargo while dealing with a global threat," and is told in the person person, video game-style.

Affleck will direct this third feature, "Argo," this fall, in which he will also star; he previously helmed "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town." Given that "Argo" is about covert operations that deal with a global threat, the subject matter of "Line of Sight" could be a perfect fit.

That the film is, as of now, is planned as a first person view is a sign of video games' continued influence on Hollywood. It is now a regular occurrence for games to be translated into movies -- some with more success than others -- and the medium's dominant visual style for actioners would be its biggest contribution yet.