08/23/2011 07:05 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Virginia Earthquake 2011: Philadelphia Eagles Feel Quake In Locker Room (VIDEO)

Many people on the East Coast had quizzical looks on their faces as the ground lightly shook beneath them when a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday afternoon. Although the quake was centered in Virginia it was felt up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

One of the many places that it was felt was the locker room of the Philadelphia Eagles. Unlike the rest of us, though, they happened to have a camera crew on site when the shaking began.

WPVI 6 cameras captured the confused reactions of the players inside the Eagles' locker room.

Pro Bowl defensive end Trent Cole, who happened to be in the shower when he felt the ground moving, said of the incident, "It kind of freaked me out... I thought I was getting sick or something."

Watch Eagles locker room video at the top (Video courtesy of PhillyBreaks)

Torrey Smith of the Baltimore Ravens was also caught on camera during the incident. The wide receiver was filming a promotional spot when the quake struck. He immediately jolted off screen when he felt the quake, later noting on Twitter that his policy is to "run first, ask ?'s later."