08/23/2011 04:34 pm ET Updated Oct 24, 2011

Nadya Suleman Pulls Octuplets From Private School

She may have a skewed perception of what makes a full house, but Nadya Suleman is on the ball when it comes to her 14 children's education -- even if it costs her more than a pretty penny. Of Suleman's 14 children, until recently, 13 of them were enrolled in a private education -- a decision that had the family more than a little financially strapped.

"Three weeks ago, she pulled the octuplets out and has them at home with her," Suleman's manager, Gina Rodriguez told HuffPost Celeb's Naughty Nice Rob. "She is teaching them from home and saving on money. Her oldest [Elijah] has always been in public school, so the other 5 kids are still in private school."

It's no wonder, with five kids still in private school, that Suleman has recently been making the media rounds, hoping to ignite her presence in the celebrity world in an effort to boost appearance earnings.

"She pays $3,500 a month for her kids to attend private school because she wants them to get a good education," Rodriguez continued.

Just last year, it was rumored that Suleman was going on welfare -- she has denied the claims.

Although her youngest eight are currently being homeschooled, if they are to following in their older siblings' footsteps, Octomom will have quite a bill to stomach. Good thing she's got a new vocation -- celebrity boxing -- to bring in a few extra dollars.