08/23/2011 06:48 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Nicola Formichetti Compared To 'A Little Panda,' Doesn't Hate Anyone

Nicola Formichetti is known for being many things: a avant garde designer for Mugler, a frequent collaborator and friend to Lady Gaga, a voracious Tweeter. We wouldn't, however, often think of the designer of such dark, twisted fashions as "cute."

But no, he really is! The Cut was able to chat up Formichetti and Mark Foster Gage, the architect behind Formichetti's upcoming pop-up shop, and learned that the designer often gets comments on his diminutive size:

You came up to like [Lady Gaga's] hip or something.

NF: Everyone was like, oh Nicola is so small — he must be so small because he’s half-Japanese. It’s true even at the Mugler show, when we came out at the end together she’s that tall, and people say, "Oh Nicola is so cute — a little panda."

That does sound cute, actually. The designer could use to build a slightly more favorable rep, considering the hot water he's been in this year. Formichetti came under fire for saying that he did not like both "old people" and "fat people," the latter insult causing him great distress.

After all, if Formichetti were to pick on anyone, he'd probably pick on someone his own size.