08/23/2011 03:15 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Tom Waits New Album: Artist Reveals Details On Bad As Me (VIDEO)

Tom Waits sits in a room filled with objects recognizably from the past -- a rotary phone, record player -- as he rocks lazily in his chair. This is his Private Listening Party, and you're it in. Watching Waits rock back and forth could have been the whole video introducing his new album, and it still would have been completely fascinating, but this is Tom Waits, remember.

You might not remember, because its been seven years since Waits dropped his last album. His new album, Bad As Me, is out Oct. 25, but first, Waits has a bone to pick.

Now, allow him to continue.

"Well we have a situation -- apparently there's no such thing as private anymore," Waits begins. "It's an internet thing where they say that it's going to go out everywhere, into the bloodstream."

Don't know what he's talking about? Last week, Waits' new album title was leaked. Waits was hurt, and offers an apt comparison for how it feels.

"Here's the way I see it," Waits said. "If you were having a birthday and I came early and I started eating your cake and maybe I opened up all your presents and started playing with your toys, you'd be OK with that?"

Then it gets a lot better when he offers a much less apt comparison and we nod along.

"Or what if you had a root canal and I asked you to gargle with raw sewage. Would you be OK with that? Or would it be safe to jump rope with a live electrical wire? No."

To be honest, we'd probably be OK with gargling raw sewage if Tom Waits asked us to.

"The whole thing is going to have to be rethought, so, I'll let you know what I come up with," he ends.

Oh, Tom. You could literally yell "raw sewage" over and over again into a mic and we'd be happy.

Visit Tom's Private Listening Party:

LISTEN to his single, "Bad As Me":

The full tracklisting for Bad As Me:

01. Chicago
02. Raised Right Men
03. Talking At The Same Time
04. Get Lost
05. Face To The Highway
06. Pay Me
07. Back In The Crowd
08. Bad As Me
09. Kiss Me
10. Satisfied
11. Last Leaf
12. Hell Broke Luce
13. New Year's Eve