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Atsushi Yanagisawa Fail: Japanese Soccer Player Somehow Misses Wide Open Goal (VIDEO)

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There's a whole lot of not good in this clip.

In a match between Nagoya and Vegalta Sendai, Atsushi Yanagisawa of Sendai missed one of the more open goals you'll ever see in a professional soccer match.

After the ball is cleared out of the Sendai side, Yanagisawa gave chase. This is when the first fail of the sequence occurs. Nagoya goalkeeper Yoshinari Takagi comes out of the net to clear the ball, but it becomes apparent that he's incapable of kicking with his left foot. The Japanese keeper attempts to switch the ball to his right foot, at which point he gives the ball up to Yanagisawa who promptly takes aim at the open net and somehow, someway, misses completely.

It's a sequence both teams would rather soon forget and one we imagine Yanagisawa will never be able to live down.


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