08/24/2011 08:22 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Ludo Bites America: The Foie Gras Crusaders At Casa Pulido

Last night marked the finale of Krissy and Ludo Lefebvre's culinary road-trip across America, but the episode of "LudoBites America" did not go off without a hitch.

Before opening the doors of Casa Pulido, the host restaurant for Lefebvre's final pop-up, a group of protestors known as the "Foie Gras Crusaders" began to protest the Frenchman's use of his beloved luxury liver. The already-grumpy Chef Ludo took to using four-letter words (in both French and English) while Krissy laughed it all off.

But did these unarmed, unmasked assailants really cause the end of LudoBites domination? Not even close. Francophiles and foodies ordered the foie gras out of spite and out of curiosity -- as seen in the clip above.

The family-owned Casa Pulido, located in Redondo Beach, is near "the Lefebvre's home in Manhattan Beach," according to kevinEats. It proved to be a great end to the road trip and its not too far from LudoBites 007 -- the current pop-up restaurant -- at Gram and Papa's.