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'Toast' Trailer Released; Helena Bonham Carter Stars In Movie About Film


First Posted: 08/24/11 07:28 PM ET Updated: 10/24/11 06:12 AM ET

There are certain duos that just work, and children and food is a fool-proof.

In the upcoming "Toast," Nigel, played by Freddie Highmore, was bewitched with food since childhood. After losing his rather cooking-challenged mother, his cleaner, Mrs. Potter, (Helena Bonham Carter) quickly takes her place.

As Nigel ages, his love of cooking emerges from under the covers and it's a full-fledged war between step-son and step-mother.

Based on the childhood of food writer Nigel Slater,"Toast" looks like a deliciously good time.



Filed by Jessie Heyman  |