08/25/2011 04:40 pm ET | Updated Oct 25, 2011

Adam Scott & Paul Rudd Talk About His Penis, Their Friendship

Adam Scott and Paul Rudd have been best friends for the past twenty years. It's a bond that spans late night jams, crappy apartments, family dinners, a TV show that Rudd produced and in which Scott starred, a new movie and, as they discuss in the new issue of BlackBook Magazine, penises.


The two buddies, who go back to their time in acting school in the early 90s, feature in a fun conversation that recounts their times together, from their days listening to REM and Billy Joel up through their respective career surges. For the first time, they co-star in a feature film together, the upcoming "Our Idiot Brother," in which Rudd plays optimistic hippie medical marijuana dealer Ned, and Scott a depressed sci-fi writer.

The two are so close, in fact, they can put together a fun little metaphor for Rudd's penis, which flashed a crew member during a nude scene in the film.

"Your penis shines pretty bright," Scott jokingly told him in the conversation. To which Rudd replied, "It's a little like looking at the sun, it's true. I think the only way you can really look at my penis is if you're wearing a welding mask. "

Perhaps it'll make it to the DVD extras?

Scott also reminisced -- for real -- about their times together when they were young, struggling actors.

"We had dinner together with our families last night--our wives are friends, our kids play with each other--but after dinner I was driving back past Paul's old apartment and laughing about how many times we'd go back there at, like, four in the morning and play music," he said. "It was such a shit-hole. But we were happy listening to music so loud and staying up late just so drunk."