08/25/2011 05:33 pm ET | Updated Oct 25, 2011

Al Pacino Thanks Rappers For Loving 'Scarface'

Witness 71-year-old Al Pacino's adorable analysis of the 2003 documentary "Scarface: Origins of a Hip-Hop Classic," in which the likes of Snoop, Nas and Diddy wax eloquent on "Scarface."

The hip-hop people and the rappers got together and they made a video and they talked about the movie. I don't think anybody's ever talked about it as articulately and clearly. I understood it better having heard them talk about it...I mean, they really get it and they understand it, and that's a great thing. They've been very supportive all these years. I think they've helped us tremendously.

Pacino aired his thoughts to MTV News during a release party this week for the Blu-Ray version of Scarface, which is due out early next month. No word on whether he thinks his next movie looks as bad as we do.