08/25/2011 10:54 am ET Updated Oct 25, 2011

The Perfect Man According To Romance Novelists In A New Poll

The perfect man is loyal, honest and clean. These, at least, were the top attributes as voted for by 58 British romance novelists in a poll sent out by the Festival of Romance in the UK.

The Festival of Romance is a new event that will take place in October this year. It was created by author Kate Allan, and is apparently "dedicated to romantic fiction of all kinds."

The top results were:

Loyal (91%)
Honest (89%)
Personal hygiene (88%)
Kind (86%)
Sense of humour (86%)
Intelligent (85%)
Principled (81%)

The least important romantic trait, according to the poll, was "a good car."

In a separate section, people were asked to agree or disagree with such statements as "Women know their best chance of finding a romantic man is between the covers of a romantic novel" (most agreed) and "In reality, romance is mostly in women's imagination and men just go along with it to please women."

Perfect and imperfect romantics can take the poll for themselves here.