Earthquake Bride Photo: Valeriya Shevchenko Makes Mad Dash To Find Fiance During Earthquake

08/25/2011 02:19 pm 14:19:08 | Updated Oct 25, 2011

It's always a shame to see a marriage get off to such a shaky start, but one New York City couple really couldn't help it on Tuesday, when tremors rippled through Manhattan just moments before they said "I do."

Valeriya Shevchenko was waiting for her fiance, Dmitriy Grif, at the soon-to-be evacuated City Clerk's Office when a security guard told her that the rumble at her feet was an earthquake.

"I was so worried [the wedding] wouldn't happen," Shevchenko, 18, said in an interview with the New York Post.

Not knowing where Grif was, Shevchenko -- in full bridal attire, cell phone in one hand and bouquet of flowers in the other -- made a frantic sprint through City Hall Park to find her groom. One lucky photographer captured Shevchenko's dash, and she immediately became the "Earthquake Bride."

After several failed phone calls, Shevchenko found Grif stepping out of a nearby subway stop, where the couple kissed in front of pedestrians before walking back to City Hall to tie the knot.

All is well that ends well, but the newlyweds could have another small rumble to contend with -- they still need to tell their parents that they're married.

The momentous marriage is one of many bizarre stories that emerged from Tuesday's earthquake. Reports of one deaf 75-year-old man in Washington D.C. regaining his hearing from the quake as well as a comprehensive rundown of how animals at the Smithsonian National Zoo reacted to the natural disaster both surfaced following the tremors.

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