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7 Drinking Games From Around The World (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post   First Posted: 08/26/11 06:07 PM ET   Updated: 10/26/11 06:12 AM ET

If there's one activity that's ubiquitous around [most of] the globe, it's drinking. Whether it's throwing back shots of vodka or sharing a cold one at a pub, imbibing in the local brew is a surefire way to get in touch with a local culture, or to .

Of course, there are drinking habits that vary from place to place, drinking games being no exception. Below, watch and learn seven different drinking games from different parts of the globe. So, next time you're three sheets to the wind in Tokyo, and someone proposes a game of Ping Pong Pang, you'll have the good sense not to join if you're already too smashed from Saki Bombs.

Obviously, when traveling in a land strange from your own, caution should be exorcised when ingesting copious amounts of alcohol.

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  • Japan: Ping Pong Pang

    Also called "Ping Pang Pong," this Japanese game is all about quick thinking. The first player says ping, the player to the left follows with pong and the next player to the left says pang while pointing to another person to say "ping" and start the process again. Whoever breaks the chain drinks.

  • UK: Centurion

    This one couldn't be easier, well, easier to explain at least. Take one shot of beer or cider every minute for 100 minutes. That amounts to eight pints consumed in just over an hour and a half.

  • Austria: Kastenlauf

    Also popular in Germany and Switzerland, this drinking game is one of endurance. Teams of two race while carrying a crate of beer that must be drunk before crossing the finish line. The length of the route varies, but is generally a few miles long.

  • South America: Perudo

    In this "Pirates of the Caribbean" clip, Davy Jones and Will Turner demonstrate the dice game perudo (or cacho, perudo, cachito). In a nutshell, players shake dice in a tumbler and place them on a table. Each claims how many numbers they are showing until one player calls another out for lying. The loser takes a drink.

  • China: Hua Quan

    Players simultaneously throw out numbers with their fingers (a la rock, paper, scissors). Both call out a number equal to or greater than the number of fingers they are holding out. If the sum of both players' fingers equals one of the numbers a player shouted, the other player drinks.

  • UK: Pennying

    When someone announces that pennying will take place on a given night, drinkers had better guard their glasses. If one player manages to secretly slip a penny into the drink of another, the penny receiver must chug their drink.

  • Mexico: Toma Todo

    This game is played with a dreidel, each side is marked "give one," "give two," "give all," "drink one," "drink two" and "drink all." Each player spins the top and follows the instructions it gives. That means they will either give one shot of their drink, two shots of their drink or all of their drink to a communal cup. On the other hand, landing on one of the "drink" sides meaning drinking one shot, two shots, or all the contents from that cup.