08/26/2011 12:58 pm ET | Updated Oct 26, 2011

Christy Teigen Talks Boyfriend John Legend's Naked Piano Playing

Sport Illustrated swimsuit model Christy Teigen isn’t one of those beautiful ladies that likes to look pretty but keep her mouth shut. She has plenty to say -- especially about her boyfriend John Legend.

“He’s [John] great. He’s on tour right now. So we can spend more time together rather than him in his studio all night,” Teigen tells me about her famous boyfriend, whom she says likes to play the piano naked at home! “I always make him play the Proactiv commercials."

But it hasn’t always been easy dating a guy who ladies are constantly throwing themselves at every night. Teigen tells me it’s something she has forced herself to get over.

“Oh I think in John’s 'Green Light' music video I might have had a mental breakdown,” Teigen confesses. “But now I’ve calmed down a lot. It was hard at first and then you really get pep talks and you are just like this is how it’s going to be.”

But she does get her revenge -- she forces her man to watch all her favorite TV shows that drive him crazy.

“I watch all that bride crap and that really angers him,” she laughs. “The one thing he can’t stand is my hairdressing shows though. He will watch the bride stuff, 'Real Housewives' if I force him to, but he refuses to watch 'Tabitha.'”

Good for you, John. Everyone has a line in the sand and you should make it with or without your pants on!

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Check out Legend's "Green Light" video that drove Teigen crazy: