Hells Angels Serve & Wildfox With Lawsuit

08/26/2011 11:44 am ET | Updated Oct 26, 2011

We love a good retail lawsuit, which is good because it seems like there's a new on everyday.

This week everyone was talking about the Hells Angels, which hit and L.A. brand Wildfox with lawsuits for wrongfully using its name.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the storied motorcycle gang brought the suit over t-shirts that read, "My boyfriend's a Hells Angel" and featured the signature Hells Angles wings on the back.

"We bring these lawsuits from time to time not just to punish but to educate," Hells Angels' attorney Fritz Clapp told the Los Angeles Times. "Somebody thought erroneously that Hells Angels is a generic term."

Just because Hells Angels get in bar brawls and run from the law doesn't mean they can't be sensitive about you using their name.

This isn't the first lawsuit over use of the iconic group name. Saks Fifth Avenue and Zappos have both been served with suits over using the Hells Angel name or emblems and even Alexander McQueen got into trouble for several items.

Trying to take a little of that hardcore biker cred for oneself, apparently, does not fly with the Hells Angels.

Which is fine by us. We're not sure we would have bought that t-shirt anyway...

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