Shanice Wilson Beauty Queen Slashing: Four Women Get Prison For Attacking 'Peach Queen'

08/26/2011 11:01 am ET | Updated Oct 26, 2011

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- Four women have pleaded guilty to the carpet-cutter slashing and disfigurement of a former Southern California beauty queen.

The former Banning "Peach Queen" pageant winner suffered permanent scars on her face and back when she was jumped by the women in 2008.

Riverside County prosecutors say 27-year-old Azia Aldred pleaded guilty on Wednesday to felony mayhem and assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily injury. She was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Twenty-four-year-old Erica Bastidas, 30-year-old Labrea Steward and 21-year-old Ariana Atkins pleaded guilty to felony assault causing great bodily injury. Bastidas got seven years, while Steward and Atkins got six years in prison.