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Weird Folk Remedies From Around The World

First Posted: 08/26/11 03:27 AM ET Updated: 10/25/11 06:12 AM ET

Weird Folk Remedies
An Israeli spa offers a slithering kind of massage, involving dropping a dozen snakes of differing sizes on patients’ naked bellies, backs, necks and faces. The weight and movement of the snakes produce a kneading sensation that customers say is surprisingly soothing and invigorating.

For every treatment that stands up to double-blind studies, there are kooky folk remedies that survive because of apochryphal claims by people who swear by them.

For instance, in Indonesia, the locals believe sleeping on railroad tracks will cure everything from diabetes to chronic pain, from cancer to asthma and in Israel, there is a spa that massages clients by dumping 12 snakes on their bodies.

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Filed by David Moye  |