Conan Books The Italian 'Prince' In Rehearsal Footage (VIDEO)

08/27/2011 11:59 am ET | Updated Oct 27, 2011

Don't you hate it when you think that pop icon Prince is going to appear on your show, but instead you get the Italian knockoff instead? Conan O'Brien does.

In this rehearsal footage from Team Coco (the bit never made it on the air), Conan announces that he invited the Purple One to appear on the program, but due to a booking error, was sent "Prinzo" in his place. And far be it from Conan to stop Prinzo from performing his medley of hits.

If Prinzo looks familiar, he's played by Jay Johnston, of "Mr. Show" and "The Sarah Silverman Program" fame, as well as a bunch of other shows where he plays a cop.