Diane Sawyer Stops By Local News To Talk Hurricane Irene (VIDEO)

08/29/2011 07:45 am ET | Updated Oct 29, 2011

Diane Sawyer joined her rival Brian Williams in appearing on a local New York news show during Hurricane Irene on Sunday.

While Williams anchored for an hour on WNBC, Sawyer popped over to WABC and spoke about her experience covering the storm, as well as her thoughts about the resiliency of New Yorkers. She said that, when she went out on Saturday night in the middle of heavy rain, she was moved and impressed by all the people who she saw helping others and putting on a brave face.

"Let's hear it for New York and New Yorkers," Sawyer said at the end of the segment.

She also praised the aggressive measures that city government took to combat the storm, rejecting the idea that Mayor Bloomberg was guilty of "overkill."

"We have the luxury of asking that question, which says a lot," she said. "This was a serious storm and not to take it seriously would have been a regret."

Watch (h/t TVSpy):