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Dick Cheney Book: Reactions To The Vice President's Memoir 'In My Time' (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 08/29/11 08:13 PM ET   Updated: 10/29/11 06:12 AM ET

Dick Cheney's new memoir has been making waves since the former vice president first signed a multi-million dollar publishing deal with Simon & Schuster in 2009. And, while discussing the memoir with NBC's Jamie Gangel, Cheney said there would "be heads exploding all over Washington" upon its release.

A slideshow of some of the best reactions to Cheney's book, from critics, pundits, and even some of Cheney's political peers, is below.

Donald Trump
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In a video posted to his YouTube channel on Wednesday, Donald Trump criticizes Cheney for writing a book that is "very, very angry and nasty."

"There's no question, this is not a happy camper," Trump says in the video.

Trump disapproves of what Cheney wrote about President Bush and Colin Powell, and he even accuses the former vice president of lying in his memoir.

"When asked about Colin Powell's version [of certain events], Cheney said, 'Well, that's the way I remember it,'" Trump says. "Well when somebody says that, to me, that means they're lying."

He has more harsh words for Cheney, addressing both the book and Cheney's time in office.

"I didn't like Cheney as vice president. I don't like him now," he says. "I don't like people that rat out everybody like he's doing in the book."
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