08/29/2011 04:03 pm ET | Updated Oct 29, 2011

GScreen SpaceBook 2-Screen Laptop To Be Released In November (PHOTO)

Ever wish your laptop could fold out into two monitors? Well, be prepared to double your pleasure with a new dual-screen laptop available in time for the holidays.

The SpaceBook, which Alaskan manufacturer GScreen touts as the "world's first dual 17-inch LED HD display laptop," will start shipping in November 2011. The two-headed beast runs Windows 7, comes with a 500GB hard drive and 4 or 8GB of RAM, and weighs a hefty ten pounds. For weight comparison, a 17-inch MacBook Pro is 6.6 pounds, while a 17-inch HP Envy weighs 7.5 pounds. Both of those computers, of course, only have one screen.

Why make a two-screened laptop? According to a company press release, designer and CEO Gordon Alan Stewart came up with the idea for the SpaceBook when he was on a work assignment in Hawaii and needed more screen space to do video editing, photo editing and some web design.

The GScreen SpaceBook is available for pre-order now and will set you back $1899, or $2100 for the better processor. Acer also announced a two-screen laptop in January 2011, with one of the screens sitting where the keyboard would, and its Iconia dual-screen is on sale now. This dual-screen set-up from GScreen, however, features two screens and a physical keyboard. If one cellphone screen doesn't cut it, you could also check out the Kyocera Echo, a dual-screen smartphone.

No word yet on the battery life, but you better be sure to keep your charger nearby when using this monster. gScreen is now accepting pre-orders at its website.

Check out more photos of the gScreen below:

Pictures Of The Dual-Screen gScreen SpaceBook