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New Ravenswood Remix Fair Promotes Recycled, Eco-Friendly Art (PHOTOS)

    First Posted: 08/29/11 06:31 PM ET   Updated: 10/29/11 06:12 AM ET

As the city’s neighborhood street fests wind down and the threat of colder air looms, Chicagoans can celebrate the last days of warm temperatures over Labor Day Weekend at the debut of the new Ravenswood Remix, where a slew of local artists’ work made from found, recycled and reclaimed materials will be displayed.

Organizers hope Ravenswood Remix, aka “Chicago’s Recycled Art Fair,” can showcase some of the city's best green art creations while educating attendees about how to reduce their carbon footprint. Aside from the art, visitors can participate in workshops on rope-making with plastic bags, organic composting and more.

“When putting together the festival, the driving mission really was to promote recycling efforts and understand how found objects can be transformed into something really cool," Jen Gordon, one of Ravenswood Remix's organizers said. "The workshops grew out of the education component to help people look at old or used objects in new ways."

In addition to the art displays and workshops, Remix will feature a lineup of indie bands including Brian Vander (The Verve Pipe) headlining on Saturday and Apteka and local psych-pop rockers Secret Colours on Sunday.

Ravenswood Remix will be held on Saturday, Sept. 3 and Sunday, Sept. 4 at 4100 N. Ravenswood Ave., one block north of Irving Park. The event will be on the East side of Ravenswood Ave., from Belle Plaine to Berteau. The workshop area will be tented.

Check out some of the artists who will be featured at this weekend's festival here:

John Davis
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Artist John Davis says, "From as far back as I can remember, I have been finding ways to create art from discarded materials. As a child I would make my brother and I Halloween costumes from discarded boxes and found objects."

Today, Davis creates wearable art from reclaimed leather such as belts, bags and clothing. He says that he incorporates "interesting items that he finds in his daily travels" into each one of his designs. All of his cuffs are made from 100 percent recycled leather from old belts, bags, briefcases and "anything else he can find" made from leather. His fisticuffs are all handmade one at a time and no two are exactly alike. Each one is unique based on the materials used in its construction. "I'm always looking for new materials and things to cut up and re-purpose into my cuffs," Davis said. "Once I find a nice bag or belt to use I carefully disassemble the various pieces and measure out what it is I want to build."
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