Tyler, The Creator, 'Yonkers': America's Best New Artist (VIDEO)

08/29/2011 11:55 am ET | Updated Oct 29, 2011

MTV had its annual Oh Yeah We Care About Music Videos thing last night, and all the biggest stars came out to celebrate. Among the youngest was Tyler, The Creator, a 20-year old from Los Angeles whose legend is already bigger than his discography (hates Bruno Mars, loves Selena Gomez, harsh words for Jesus). T,TC took "Best New Artist" Saturday based on his video for the song "Yonkers," a black-and-white thought piece on what a badass he is (pretends to eat a cockroach, harsh words for Jesus, throws up, dies). As self-conscious as "Yonkers" is, Tyler's Eminem swagger and comparable enemy list seems to mean we've welcomed our next shock-artist. Say hello, America!

And WATCH Tyler fake-eat a bug, not for ecological reasons:

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