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VMA Fashion Timeline: We're Clearly Getting Jaded

The Huffington Post     Mallika Rao
First Posted: 08/29/11 06:08 PM ET Updated: 10/29/11 06:12 AM ET

There was once a time when Britney showing up at the VMAs with a snake around her neck was iconic. These days, Gaga incubates on the ride over and Katy Perry tries her hardest to look like a male nutcracker, all in the name of maintaining their standard. The concept of what it means to look famous has changed so entirely that a former sex symbol like Britney is a stranger to the party, as the clumsy awarding of the Lifetime Achievement Award at last night's VMAs made clear. To examine how the reign of the Britneys fell apart, walk with us, fashion babies, as we take a brief tour through the dimming of our hearts.

Then (Bjork) -} Now (Katy Perry)
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A yellow head cube is about as willful as a swan dress, but there's no way Katy Perry's Saturday night ensemble will get anything close to the concerted mockery turned on Bjork after the Oscars a mere ten years ago.

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