08/30/2011 01:14 pm ET | Updated Oct 30, 2011

Ed Schultz In New Orleans: US Is 'Sick' When It Comes To Health Care (VIDEO)

Ed Schultz hosted a free clinic in New Orleans to mark the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and he was incensed at the state of health care in America.

The fiery MSNBC host said that the clinic showed him "the best" and "the worst" in America. All told, the clinic treated 1,000 patients with a staff of 1,000 volunteers, whom he called, "real Americans who are unselfish, who know where the billions of dollars are doing and who know how sick this country is when it comes to the for-profit health care system."

But as Schultz noted, the clinic underscored the vulnerabilities of the American health care system. He said that it was the first time half of the clinic's patients had seen a doctor since the clinic was in New Orleans last year, and that 63% were unemployed.

"They're angry at Washington, they're angry at the bickering," Schultz thundered. "The only conversation that's going on right now in America is how we're going to repeal what has already been passed to someday help these folks who are out here."

Schultz spoke to volunteers and patients, one of whom who was there to get blood pressure and anti-anxiety medication. He said that he goes to the doctor "least as possible" and was at the clinic because he "can't afford to go to a regular doctor."

"I guarantee you folks that there are people watching this broadcast tonight across America who are seeing those folks and can relate to them," Schultz stressed. "They can't get the health care they need in this country because it's for profit."


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