08/30/2011 11:42 am ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

Juan Hernandez and William Chaban Allegedly Stole $60K In Toilet Paper, Plastic Cutlery

They just could't spare a square.

A Chicago-area warehouse worker teamed up with an alleged murderer to steal $60,000 in toilet paper and disposable cutlery, according to police.

25-year-old Juan Hernandez, an inventory control specialist at the Georgia-Pacific facility in Elwood, Il., and William Chaban, 35, are accused of stealing truckloads of merchandise between February and April, the Chicago Sun Times reports.

Police began an investigation on May 18, when the Georgia-Pacific company reported the cases of toilet paper and Dixie dining utensils missing.

“We got a tip to look at local flea markets,” Elwood police commander Patrick Kerr said. “And on June 4, officers went to Derald’s Flea Market, 219 Maple St. in Joliet, where we found two vendors selling items stolen from Georgia-Pacific.”

Police also uncovered "an entire truckload of bath tissue," a $20,000 value, stolen from the same facility and sold to a Bailey's Discount Center in Indiana, according to radio station WLS.

Police arrested Hernandez at his home on Aug. 23. He remains in jail on $500,000 bond.

Chaban, unfortunately, has bigger issues than stolen toiletpaper. He allegedly stole the goods while awaiting trial for strangling his mother-in-law to death in a bathtub, a crime he is now serving 45 years for.