08/30/2011 01:54 pm ET Updated Oct 30, 2011

Mets Fan Hit In Face With Foul Ball: Boy Taken From Stadium In Ambulance (VIDEO)

A scary moment occurred last night at Citi Field when a young Mets fan was struck in the head with a sharply hit foul ball.

"I heard his mom screaming, and I look back over and blood was squirting out of his forehead onto his mom. It was pretty disturbing," Mets second baseman Justin Turner told "It hit him right between the eyes. It was probably one of the worst things I've ever seen on a baseball field."

The boy was escorted from the stadium by ambulance, but fortunately, according to Mets vice president of security Robert Kasdonit, it appears that the boy's nose, orbital bones and sight were not damaged by the impact.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Turner offered up his jersey to the boy after the game as a souvenir, and Marlins third baseman Greg Dobbs, who hit the foul ball, gave the boy a bat.

Like the tragic death of a Rangers fan as he reached for a ball tossed to him by Josh Hamilton, this harrowing scene in the stands in Queens shows the flip side to those charming foul ball moments that we all love. For every time a fan manages to catch a foul pop without dropping his baby there is someone who actually does drop his daughter trying to secure a souvenir. In Japan, netting extends from foul pole to foul pole to safeguard fans. Could that eventually be a protective measure taken by Major League Baseball?

VIDEO AT TOP: (WARNING: Video may be difficult to watch)