Miranda Lambert On Blake: 'I Was A Twittow' (Video)

08/30/2011 10:12 am ET | Updated Oct 30, 2011

Addressing hubby Blake Shelton's prolific and uncensored Twitter habit -- the kind that generates such beautiful gems as "I'm so hungover right now I just tried to pull start my dog" -- Miranda Lambert told Dateline on Monday night that she's not a fan.

"We have come to Jesus about those all those time. For a while, I was a Twittow," she told Hoda, then said she had to fight for her husband's attention when faced with the social media medium.

"You are in love with Twitter, and I'm your girlfriend on the side. He'll delete it from his phone sometimes because he'll realize he needs help, I need to get it all the time. He's a Twitter addict... He promised me, the last time he put it back on his phone after he deleted it, that he was going to keep it under control."

Meanwhile, @BLAKESHELTON has yet to tweet a response about the matter.


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