08/30/2011 06:12 pm ET | Updated Oct 30, 2011

Starbucks To Release 'K-Cups' In November

Pumpkin Spice Lattes won't be the only things Starbucks aficionados will have to look forward to come fall.

The coffee giant announced today that they will begin selling their coffee and tea in single-portion K-Cups for Keurig coffee makers in November.

The products will first hit shelves at U.S. at stores, such as Target and Wal-Mart, said Jeffery Hansberry, president of Starbucks' global consumer products to Bloomberg News.

Starbucks Corporation stated the cups will be available in Canada in March 2012 and on certain websites in August 2012. Starbucks retail stores will not carry the brew-at-home packets until later next year, according to the press release.

The K-cups will be available in the following flavors:

Starbucks® coffee K-Cup® Portion Packs will be available in Starbucks most popular coffee varieties, including Breakfast Blend, Pike Place® Roast, House Blend, Sumatra, and French Roast. In addition, two selections of Tazo® tea will be available in K-Cup® Portion Packs: Tazo® tea Awake and Tazo® tea Zen. Starbucks® coffee K-Cup® Portion Packs will be available in 10-count, 16-count, and 54-count packs. Tazo® tea K-Cup® Portion Packs will be available in 10-count and 16-count.

Starbucks first announced a partnership with K-Cup maker Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. in March 2011.

Competitor Dunkin Donuts began distributing their own K-Cups in early August, beating Starbucks to the punch. The pods are available at all retail stores.