08/31/2011 11:20 am ET | Updated Oct 31, 2011

How Sports Help Women Succeed in Business

In 1976, the Yale crew team marched into the office of the school's P.E. director and stripped, revealing "Title IX" painted across their chests and backs.

Title IX was a revolutionary piece of legislation, which mandated that no federally-funded school could discriminate on the basis of sex. Yale didn't have a women's locker room in 1976, and that, the crew team said, was illegal.

Title IX didn't just open up more opportunities for female athletes. According to research from Wharton Business school, those opportunities resulted in an increase in female labor force participation. Turns out, girls who play sports have a higher chance of employment later in life, as well wages 14 to 19 percent higher than that of their less athletically-inclined peers.

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