Hurricane Irene Mini-Documentary, 'Ya' Missed A Spot (Thankfully)' Captures City's Storm Fever (VIDEO)

08/31/2011 10:28 am ET | Updated Oct 31, 2011

Want to relive the thrill of an impending natural disaster in New York City that closes businesses, shuts down trains, evacuates neighborhoods and makes strangers talk to each other?

The buildup to Hurricane Irene in Gotham unfolded in dramatic fashion, and despite what was its potential severity (and the real and serious havoc the storm's now wreaked upon other areas), anticipating the storm here was...kind of fun.

"What are you doing during the storm?" people asked. "Do you have food, water flashlights?" There was a unified sense of urgency, people planned hurricane parties and then, just before the storm, the sight of empty avenues and images of an abandoned Grand Central Station were particularly awe-inducing.

Ramon DeSouza quickly turned out this mesmerizing Hurricane Irene video scrapbook, "Ya' Missed A Spot (Thankfully)" to recapture the excitement of our near annihilation, and the breezy Sunday afternoon that followed.

Watch below for some beautiful clips of New Yorkers preparing for "a date with a wet dominatrix, that total bitch named Irene", all set to the soundtrack of the media and public officials fueling the hurricane fever.