08/31/2011 10:37 am ET | Updated Oct 31, 2011

Jane Lynch: Emmy Hosting, 'Glee,' Gay Jokes

When Jane Lynch hosts the Emmys on September 18th, you can expect a whole lot of laughs, a bunch of dress changes and perhaps some famous cast mates. But despite both her own orientation and how often her TV show deals with the subject matter, don't sit around waiting for the show to get into the subject of sexuality.

"I'm a person, not just a gay person. So I don't focus on gay things like that," the first time host, an Emmy-winner herself last year, told reporters on a conference call on Tuesday. "I just focus on good jokes and being funny. I've thought of every aspect of it, I'm very much collaborating with everybody."

Lynch, without getting into many specifics, was honest about her aspirations for the show, revealing both a sense of nervousness and ambition for what will be her first time hosting such a big awards show. She's hosted the Do Something Awards the past two years, but this one is an entirely different story.

"I think you want to make a splash. I'd be lying if I said if I didn't say we wanted to make the best awards show ever," Lynch admitted. "We want it to be special. It's such a coveted spot, it's the biggest night in television, as they call it. You want to do it justice, or at least I do. I'm humbled by it.. and I think if you look at the big picture and you shoot past the doing of it and you look at the results and say I'm going to do fabulous, you're not going to do very well. So I'm just trying to stay in the moment, knocking out what I need to knock out. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to make a big splash."

If the event is anything like her Sue Sylvester-inspired FOX bashing at the D9 tech conference -- and the Emmys are on Fox! -- she'll certainly make that splash.

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